Individual Workouts


Individual Workouts Overview

Want to take your basketball to the next level?  Chase Basketball offers individual and small group coaching, tailored specifically to your developing game.  Want to work on your shooting?  We’ve got you covered.  Need some extra help with your footwork?  We have the coach who can assist.

Chase Basketball only provides qualified and verified coaches, who have a knowledge and love of the game, which is only matched by your basketball passion

  • Boys and girls are welcome
  • Sessions run for 60 minutes
  • A 4-session package available
  • A coach dedicated to your individual development
  • For hard working and committed athletes
  • Tailored program for each athlete
  • Various times and venues available
  • Videoing of technique and reports on progress may be provided

Individual Workout Coaches

Individual Workout Details

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Chase Basketball Express 60 program.

All Individual Workout participants are to wear non-marking basketball runners, shorts, and/or tracksuit pants.

Basketballs are provided on-site for the duration of the session but a child may bring their ball if they desire.

Absolutely! We encourage parents or guardians to watch (and cheer)!