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About Chase Basketball

Chase is the basketball event specialist in holiday camps, school academies and personal training


For over 20 years, Chase Basketball has been a leader in junior basketball tuition. With an incredibly strong history in the great sport of basketball, we are proud of how we teach the sport to the next generation.  Chase programs consciously highlight and promote elements of the sport of basketball that teach us about ourselves and life. Our coaches are lovers of the game who want the Chase Players to love the sport as much as we do.

  • We are players who played at the highest level and at the community level.
  • We are coaches who care for the players on and off the court.
  • We are parents who have experienced the challenges and anxieties associated with kids in junior sport.
  • We are officials who referee, score and administer competitions and programs.
  • We are lovers of basketball and what team sport can do for a community.
  • We are Chase Basketball!

Chase Basketball’s clear mission is to share our love of basketball. Through making the sport accessible to as many people as possible, we conduct programs that develop skills, game sense and enjoyment of our great game. As importantly, we aim to play a role in the lives of our Chase Basketballers that helps them become better people.

  • Respect the game, your teammates, coaches and officials.
  • Have fun and make friendships that might last a lifetime.
  • Listen, learn and work hard.
  • Treat everyone how you wish to be treated.

Our Vision for Chase Basketballers is for them to become as good as they wish to be and can be. In a team this may mean becoming a great shooter, passer, rebounder or defender. It also means becoming a great teammate and sportsperson. We love to see our players make a great shot or great pass, but equally, we love seeing our players help an opponent off the floor and being a good sport after a loss or win.

  • We want to help you become as good as you can be.
  • We want to follow and be a part of your career.
  • We want Chase Basketballers to take what they learn from us and pass this onto others in the future.
  • We want you to become a good person.

Chase Basketball in 2019 conducted programs that saw Chase Basketballers spend in excess of 50,000 hours on court. Through School Academies, School Holiday Basketball Camps and Skill Development programs, the number of hours we conducted coaching youth is comprehensive.

Our Coaches, administrators, staff and managers do a fantastic job overseeing programs which intertwine the finesse of caring for the players and also reaching development outcomes for the players.

  • Care for our players on and off the court
  • Support for players physically and mentally.
  • Endorsement of honesty and positivity to and from our players.
  • Our community is about care, punctuality, hard work and fun.


Our Great Services

Chase Basketball is Australia’s biggest basketball coaching company. We have proudly trained thousands of children throughout Melbourne for over 20 years!

Multiple Venues

Chase Basketball operates programs at Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre (MSAC), Albert Park College, Richmond College, Prahran College, Elwood College, and Auburn College

Quality Coaches

We provide experienced and passionate coaches that aim to foster the develop of the next generation of basketball players.

Variety of Programs

Chase Basketball prides itself on offering programs for everyone, at every level.










Our Team

The coaches at Chase Basketball are passionate about the development of the next generation.


Our Working Environment

Chase Basketball adheres to the highest standards in the delivery of all of its programs.

Clean & Sanitised

OH&S Compliant

Fully Insured

WWCC Compliant