How to Entertain Kids on the School Holidays

Why are basketball holiday camps so beneficial? Basketball camps provide players with appropriate basketball skills and training to assist with fundamentals and muscle memory.  The added benefit is that children will have fun while they learn creating a positive memories associated with the game which will impact their desire to play and compete.

5 Things that a Great Basketball Coach will Focus on..

All-Star Qualities

  • Sportsmanship – Remember basic courtesy and good manners? Use your practices and games to reinforce these basic principles. Make sure your players can give a firm handshake with eye contact to officials and opposing coaches, as well as a high five to opposing players.
  • Teamwork – Teach your players that “we over me” is what most often leads to “us over them,” in team sports competition. Encourage your players to be selfless and supportive teammates in both losing and winning efforts.