The Chase Basketball E60 (Express 60) program is growing and coaches are grateful for the support they have received from committed athletes that want to continue to work on their game. Athletes are thriving in the high-intensity, small group sessions and term 4 is set for another great E60 offering.

As Term 4 and the Representative season begins, the E60 team have a special Mini Package offer, available to all existing and new E60 athletes. The E60 mini package offers you 4 sessions of the term 4 program, on E60 days and dates that suit your schedule! Choosing your preferred E60 timetable will allow flexibility of management around any potential new rep training times and Term 4 schooling events.  So come and join us on your 4 days of choice!

Head to our ‘E60’ page on our main menu to register for the Chase Basketball E60 Mini Package. In the additional comments section, please list what dates and sessions you will be attending. If you have any questions about sessions times or dates, please contact Programs Manager Ellen Parry at

Thank you again for your support and we hope to continue to work with you on your basketball during Term 4.