APC - Elwood Academy Day!

Chase Basketball hosted the second annual ECBA-APC Basketball Carnival on Thursday May 31st at MSAC, providing a platform that highlights outstanding local junior basketball talent.  One hundred and eighty year 7 to 10 athletes packed 6 courts with a wonderful day of basketball.  Athletes were welcomed and encouraged at the beginning of the day by one of Australia’s most famous basketball players, Andrew Gaze.  Andrew provided some great motivational messages, which undoubtedly helped all academy athletes give their very best efforts both on and off the court.

            Over 30 games were played between the two schools. Many games were very competitive with the results being decided in the final few seconds of the contest. Coaches were most impressed by the spirit of fun, friendship and sportsmanship, which was displayed by every player in attendance.

            Academy players were also given the chance to test their individual skills in Shooting and Ball Handling contests, which were conducted throughout the day. The finals of these contests were held at the end of the day, in front of a huge crowd from both academies.  The individual skills finals were exciting displays of friendly competition between the two academies, as most last round events were contested by both ECBA and APC students.

            Overall, the Carnival Day was a huge success. Coaches and staff extend a huge thank you to all of the student referees, student coaches, and academy coaches, who gave their time and talents to help make sure the games were played at a great standard.  We hope players enjoyed the day and we are already looking forward to the third annual carnival next year!

Coach Jessica Scannell

Competition Winners

Skills Competitions Winners
Year 7 & 8 Boys: Lachlan Voss (APC)
Year 7 & 8 Girls: Layne Bergmann (APC)
Year 9 & 10 Boys:  Harry Raynor (APC)

Shooting Competitions Winners
Year 7 & 8 Boys: Mitch G (APC)
Year 7 & 8 Girls: Riley Horsell (APC)
Year 9 & 10 Boys: Paddy Twigg (APC)